Weekend Quickie: One Small Thing

<em>Family time at the lake</em>


If there was one small action you could take this weekend, that would bring you one step closer to a place you'd like to be within yourself and the world -- what would that be?

OK, I'll start. I have two

Eight-hours of sleep Swimming and sporty time with friends.

Where do I want to be? Feeling more grounded and at ease. And these two simple things are how I can get there.

After a month of travel, intensive coach training in Vancouver, BC, family visiting for ten days, it has been Life as Unusual. So there was some beautiful upheaval that unplugged me from "Regular Life" and now ... silence. The sudden disconnection from children's voices and family dinners has me feeling tilted.

We all have those Regular Things that ground us, I believe. I have my tried-and-true Regular Things that help me  feel right side up and grounded when I'm off piste with myself -- sleep, working out, being around people I care about, reading, creative outlet, down time to name a few. These all help me put down that delicious anchor that makes me breath and from which I can swing.


What are yours?