What Do You Want?

A bowl of mixed fruit

People talk to me about what they want.

Some want to start a business that they love and make a good living at it.

Others want to find balance between work and a personal life.

Many are in some process of reinventing themselves and want to find a sense of grounding in a new purpose--and love their life. I mean, why not!?

Do you really want it?

"I want to stop eating sugar," I told my husband the other night as I lapped up a bowl of ice cream and berries. What it comes down to is this: I like the idea of eating less sugar. I know there are palpable benefits when I cut out sugar. But here's my current truth: I want to eat ice cream. I know this, because night after night I fill that damn bowl up with Talenti gelato and I'm sooo happy. So that’s what I’m doing.

It’s best to deal with reality when it comes to wants.

If You Really Want It . . . 

If there's something you really want but it's not happening how you hoped, consider your schedule.

If you want to write a book, then fill your schedule with assigned times to write, research and read. If you want a new job, schedule time in your days for hunting and connecting. If you want to create new clients, put it in your calendar--allotted blocks of time for client creation.

Then, stick to it. 

Day after day this will add up--you'll feel the tires hitting that gravel road and moving you forward. You will feel good about your use of the day. You will have a good sense of what you're  up to.

I wasn't always the person who committed to my schedule. I'd have recurring blocks of writing time and coaching time (beware the recurring meetings: they were created to blow off!). I ignored those time blocks, and sat around picking my hang nails wondering what to do next.

Then I got an awesome coach who showed me how committing to a well-appointed schedule lifts my Wants off the ground. Shorter time blocks--two hours max. Update them often. Schedule activities you can commit to. 

A lot of us use our schedule for events that include other people and places. What about you and what you're looking to create?

Be the person who commits to what's in your schedule. This is especially crucial to entrepreneurs who are in control of their days and calendars. For more on this read Steve Chandler's "Time Warrior."

Get ahead, stay ahead

I have a friend who wanted to do extra nice things for her husband. She didn’t put a sticky note on her computer, or just carry it around as an invisible but well-meant intention. She put it in her calendar. And then she did it. When, on Friday at 3 pm her calendar notification popped up, she set out to do something to brighten her husband's day. 

What is it you want?

Do you really really want it?

If you don't, that's OK. Deal with reality and let it go. On to the next thing.  

If you do, fill up your calendar. Structure is creativity's best friend.

Here’s the good news about Wants. When you want something so fiercely, the how doesn’t matter.

Put your focus on what you really want. Be real with yourself.

Fill your schedule with activities that move that Want forward.

Then go after it with all your heart.

Candy on the calendar: On summer days I add an afternoon dip to my schedule.

Candy on the calendar: On summer days I add an afternoon dip to my schedule.