What Was Your Earliest Fun?

Our childhood offers up a lot of rich, useful information to our adult self.

If you feel like you've fallen off the fun wagon -- you're in a creative mojo descendent, or you've lost your laugh, forgotten how to play -- try on this question:

What are you first memories of fun?

Write down your answers. They can range from something physical (playing tag) to quiet daydreamy time somewhere cozy and private (your room, a tree).

If you feel a bit like a deer-in-headlights , that's okay. We all do at first. Take a deep breath and let you mind wander and catch whatever image first comes to you. After you write down one or two, the faucet turns on and eight hours later lying in bed three more might come to you, presto!

In the meantime, write a list and underline some of the key words. For example, some of my earliest memories of fun were: Running in the playfield with friends to catch the wind and enjoy the feeling of the beeze against my skin; swimming; team sports, daydreaming in my room, performing to Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar, playing cards and board games. Key words: Running, swimming, team sports (collaboration), daydreaming (me time), performing, playing games.

I can look at those words and see how I've A) returned back to these activities in my adult life; B) seen how some of these key words, like performing, are showing up in my working life through giving workshops and C) I can see areas I am depleted in and could fill up a bit (team collaborations and more strategic playing).

Give it a whirl. Take a Fun reconnaissance mission and see what you find there.

I asked this question yesterday at a Fun workshop I gave to some Seattle coaches. Their whole bodies lit up at their rediscoveries. And they saw themes and had a few of those ooohhhhs, when life clicks into making a tiny bit more sense, i.e., we see repeating themes to the story of our lives.

Plus, you might be surprised at how youthful you still are!