The Beauty of Getting Lost

A friend of mine emails me to report she is feeling lost, having a crisis of identity.

"How about you?" she asks.

Oh, I've been there. Haven't most of us who've hit the thorny woods of midlife? 

Transitions -- they can be hell. But once you get the hang of the ass-kickingness of a big one, they can also be really cool. Like the screaming fun of a roller coaster ride.

I tell myself that feeling lost is just a feeling -- and while feelings are powerful, they aren't always the truth. So, you may feel lost, but it doesn't mean you are.

Plus, I have a theory. Getting lost can be a beautiful necessity.

Every so often we have to lose ourselves to find ourselves anew. It's like renewing our personal contract with our life: renewing values, relationships, visions, missions, and so forth.

Still, when transitions and feelings of lostness and identity shifts come to visit, life can get challenging. Probably because we only put our heads up and look around when we're feeling uncomfortable. Discomfort's gift is a willingness to change and reconsider the paths we're on -- an important reconnaissance mission.

So, in the spirit of adventure and being your full bad-ass self in transition, here are a few questions to consider for the quest:

  • What do you know about yourself that is true?
  • What new truth might be coming forth during this time, to take you forward in life?
  • What can you renew in your own personal contract with life?

Take your curiosity and some good questions with you on the journey. Questions are like your super power, they'll keep you traveling more lightly on your feet.

Here's to your spirit of adventure! xo